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The mission of the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation is to maintain, preserve, and enhance all that is in its domain to honor this living memorial.

Oak Ridge Cemetery Dedication of Original Entrance, December 3, 2014


  Thank you so MUCH to ALL of our sponsors and donors. Thanks to you Oak Ridge Cemetery now has a beautiful “new” Original Entrance! *This was a photo from our Dedication of The Original Entrance to Oak Ridge Cemetery held on December 3rd, 2014.

Welcome to the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation.

Founded in 1856, Oak Ridge Cemetery is Springfield’s home to over 75,000 internments including John L. Lewis, Vachel Lindsay, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as a number of memorials. This beautiful land covers 365 acres of native plant filled prairie land. As the second most visited cemetery in the nation, Oak Ridge Cemetery sees neatly one million visitors annually, second only to Arlington National Cemetery.

The Oak Ridge Cemetery has an awesome opportunity to promote the 2nd most visited cemetery in the nation and the largest cemetery in Illinois. As detailed by local historians Curtis Mann and Ed Russo the rural landscape cemetery, which is one of the greatest contributions to landscape architecture, is a prime example of the romantic landscape which came to spark the American park movement in U.S. cities.


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