Director Mike Lelys and painter Tom Cunningham

“It Will Become All One Thing”
“A. Lincoln”

Thousands of vehicles pass by the corner of First and North Grand Ave. each day. Nearby Monument Avenue is the historic entrance to Oak Ridge cemetery, the resting place of one of our nations great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln. A sign erected in honor of Abraham Lincoln offers his famous quote “It will become all one thing”. One Springfield Citizen took that message to heart. Tom Cunningham, a painter from local union #90 took it upon himself to repaint the sign, which had fallen in disrepair over the past several years. Cunningham paid for all the materials himself and truly enhanced not only the corner, but also the general area of the entrance to Oak Ridge cemetery.
Oak Ridge cemetery is the second most visited cemetery in the United States; Abraham Lincoln sites are nationally recognized. Visitors from all over the world come to Springfield to view Lincoln sites and his final resting place.
Tom Cunningham took it upon himself to take action and make a contribution to our city. A group of local residents formed the Monument Avenue Beautification project in 1989 and have taken further action to form the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation. The foundation members working closely with Oak Ridge director Mike Lelys are raising funds to contribute to the enhancement of the Monument Avenue entrance to the Cemetery. A new historic archway, gates, flagpole and landscaping are planned. Anyone wishing to make a donation to this valuable effort can do so, care of the Illinois National Bank, Monument Avenue Restoration project.
Just as Abraham Lincoln was an advocate for society, Tom Cunningham and the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation are leading the charge to enhance our community.
Bob Vose
Chairman, Monument Avenue Restoration Project.
As published in the State Journal Register, November 6, 2012

Dedication of Oak Ridge Cemetery Entrance at Oak Ridge Cemetery (441 Monument Avenue) Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 10:30am

2015 Lincoln Funeral Train

May 1-3, 2015

As Oak Ridge Cemetery’s most famous internment and Springfield’s most famous resident, Abraham Lincoln holds a special place in our hearts. Therefore, the 150th anniversary of his funeral procession in 2015 is an important moment for the foundation. This three day event will honor the legacy and sacrifice of a great leader and allow Oak Ridge Cemetery to showcase its rolling hills and rural cemetery inspired design.

Flag Retreat

On summer evenings every Tuesday at 7pm from May until the end of August hundreds of people from all over the globe are captivated by the historic flag ceremony of the

114th volunteer regiment.

2014 Oak Ridge Cemetery Ice Cream Social

A Spirited Stroll into the past (Flyer)


Book Signing at the Iles House

October 26th, 2013

2 till 5pm

SARAH THOMAS – Through Time and Space

DAN GUILLORY  – House Poems Structures and Their Inhabitants

Poster for Book Program Fall 2013

The Iconography of Victorian Cemeteries

September 2013 Meeting

The study of the meanings of symbols, in this case on historic cemetery monuments, is called iconography. Join us for a look at the circumstances that produced some of the most expressive and emotional stone carving in North America, and learn what some of it call tell you. Presenter Guy Sternberg, a Charter Member of the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation and the Lincoln Monument Association, has been studying historic cemeteries for decades and has presented programs about cemeteries and their trees and symbols for the US National Park Service, the Illinois State Museum, and many interest groups.

ArchStone_OR_06-StrawbridgeChairs_PC                    TreeStone_OR_01_Brandt_PC

Base Map 3 - names_Google 2013

Historically significant Trees of Oak Ridge Cemetery, Tour scheduled for 2014

Guy Sternberg, a Charter Member of the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation and the Lincoln Monument Association, has been preparing a tour of the trees of significance in the Oak Ridge Cemetery. The tour will share the details of how these trees came to the cemetery and interesting details of the trees and their histories.