New Rendering of the Original Entrance done 

by Massie Massie & Associates!


Original Entrance Progress

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Opening the Original Entrance

The original entrance to Oak Ridge Cemetery was initially located on the Lincoln park side. However the cemetery experienced a major change in orientation in the 1890’s when the main entrance was moved from an unpaved Third Street to Monument Avenue. Since then the gates have fallen into incredible disrepair. In anticipation of the 2015 Event, which will reenact Lincoln’s funeral procession 150 years later, the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation is seeking to create a replicate of the original overhead arch and gates.  The project will include the elimination of the current steps, widening the entrance, removal of the hurricane fence with the tasteful addition of a black iron fence atop the concrete knee wall, reinforced turf, period lighting and informative signage. The event scheduled for May 2015 has all of the details planned for and in place, only the opening of the gates literally stand in the way to a truly authentic procession.

Monument Avenue Restoration

The Monument Avenue Restoration is nearly complete with the replica overhead arch the final touch. A paved median, large flower planters, and turn of the century light poles have already been installed in the area. The project entails the restoration of the historic archway, historically aesthetic fencing, an additional U.A. flag pole, and the Eagle Scout project of the decorative landscaping with an irrigation system will provide a fine compliment. A recent addition is a gift of the final funds from the Brinkerhoff Foundation in the way of a historic clock. This beautiful clock will greet you as you turn off of North Grant heading North to our beloved Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Bell Tower Restoration

 Bring back the Toll to the Original Bell Tower in the Heart of the Cemetery. Currently the bell tower is not operating correctly due to the age and the exposure to the elements. It is our goal to restore the toll. This beautiful sound will be chiming on the hours and at special events. The original bell tower is located across from Lincoln’s vault in line with the Original Entrance.

Tours, Monuments and Trees

Virtual Tours of Historic and Significant Monuments and Trees. Once our historic information is gathered, developed and plotted anyone with a smart phone will be able to walk the cemetery and watch podcasts and or use QR codes (quick reference) for in depth stories and information plentiful within Oak Ridge Cemetery.
Oak Ridge Cemetery is the second most visited cemetery in the United States. Sadly, the historic entrance to this national treasure on Monument Avenue in Springfield, IL has fallen in disrepair and is losing its historic significance. A paved median, large flower planters, and turn of the century light poles have already been installed in the area, now it’s time for more improvements. Our project is to restore the historic archway at the entrance, install historically aesthetic fencing, adding a U.S. flag pole and decorative landscaping.